The Future
of Music

The youth and young adult singers of the Bridge Choral Collective choirs are the future of music in Canada and the world! We’re delighted to present these passionate young people with free sessions about careers and post-secondary institutions that offer them new directions and fresh ideas for their future plans.

We hosted our first such event on October 17, 2020, and hope to offer more in 2021. 

Our sincere thanks to the following presenters, who made our first event a great success:

Dr. Michael Schutz – McMaster University
Adam White – Sheridan College
Don Macdonald – Selkirk College
Cynthia Peyson Wahl – Campbell Collegiate & University of Regina
Katerina Gimon, David Storen, Brain Topp – Chroma Mixed Media
Elizabeth Turnbull – Mysterious Barricades
Brittany Ayton – Sofar Sounds, Vancouver
Chris Bruerton – The King’s Singers