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The Bridge Choral Collective represents a bold cross-Canada initiative to generate thrilling new music, rooted in justice, in a time of global contemplation. It cements the bonds among some of Canada’s most innovative youth and young adult choirs, and brings them together to explore and create in partnership with guest artists from around the world.

The Bridge Choral Collective Partner choirs are:

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The Bridge Choral Collective Choirs are so excited to be working with these luminary guests in 2021!  


FreePlay Duo

Using only their voices and innovative live looping techniques, international vocal sensation FreePlay (Dylan Bell and Suba Sankaran) sings you around the world without leaving your seat. New York jazz, UK pop, European classical, Indian ragas, Brazilian samba… FreePlay does it all, a cappella. Partners in music and in life, Canadians Dylan and Suba delight in sharing their unique and virtuosic a cappella style around the world, with performances in over 20 countries across 6 continents.

Improvisation from contemporary & global perspectives

Elements of contemporary vocal improvisation explored through jazz and blues  through discovery and development of vocabulary, building blocks, vocables, instrumental imitation, range, articulation, timbre, dynamics, etc.
Introduction to South Indian rhythm
The fascinating and complex world of rhythm and melody from south India will be discussed, and exercises taught through call-and-response and short exercises.
Several parts of the workshop will also use live looping!
Annika McGivern

Annika McGivern grew up in Nelson, British Columbia, where singing with Corazon Youth Choir was one of the most wonderful and impactful parts of her life. She went on to pursue a career in professional equestrian sport as an athlete and coach, working and living in Ireland, Australia, and the United States. Through doing so, Annika discovered the fascinating mental world of sport and performance and decided to train as a sport and performance psychologist. As a singer and an athlete, she began to notice how mental performance skills play a crucial role in singing performance. Now, with a BA in Psychology and a MSc in Sport and Performance Psychology, Annika works with performers across sport, business, and the arts to help them understand and utilize the mental side of their performance. Her focus is on teaching tangible, simple tools that can be used to manage pressure and fear, enhance the joy and fun of performance, and empower the performer to have more control over their own choices, behaviour, and outcomes. 

Pressure-Proofing Performance
This workshop will take a close look at the mental side of singing and performance, providing singers with tangible tools for managing fear and doubt, enhancing the experience of being singers, and thriving under pressure. All the concepts and techniques discussed are designed to help singers change their relationship with challenges, a skill set that will benefit them in their singing careers and in many other aspects of life.

Elise Bradley & Choirs Aotearoa

Artistic Director of the world-famous Toronto Children’s ChorusElise Bradley will guide us through some repertoire by Maori composers while on location in New Zealand with some special guest singers from Choirs Aotearoa.

Mark Anthony Carpio & The Philippine Madrigal Singers

Mark Anthony Carpio, choirmaster of the Philippine Madrigal Singers, discusses how the group has actively advocated and directly pushed the growth of Philippine choral literature in the last 50 years by creating an environment where the metamorphoses of both intelligent choral writing and virtuoso choral performance are intertwined. 

We will work on some repertoire from The Philippines together!


A return engagement!

The Finnish word Rajaton translates as “boundless” – a word that so accurately describes the way this six-voice a cappella ensemble approaches music. Regularly performing around a hundred concerts and workshops each year, Rajaton exposes their audiences to the kind of diversity of repertoire, singing style, and stage presentation that has made them a phenomenon on the world stage.

Performing at concert halls, churches, jazz and choral festivals, this distinct group of musicians approaches all styles of music with the same level of commitment and integrity, making it difficult to imagine an audience that they could not inspire, or a type of music they could not make their own. In their native Finland, Rajaton is a bona fide pop phenomenon, successfully bridging the gap that often exists between classical and mainstream convention.

Rajaton has released 16 different albums. In 2017, Rajaton celebrates 20 years of music-making with one double platinum, three platinum and eight gold records in Finland under their belt, as their worldwide record sales are drawing over 400.000 copies altogether.

Ever seeking new artistic challenges, the group has grown immeasurably through collaborations with other a cappella artists, including The King’s Singers and The Real Group, as well as productions with film directors and choreographers. But it is perhaps their deep passion for choral art, their generosity of spirit and their sheer enjoyment of singing that has won the hearts and acclaim of audiences and critics everywhere. Their energy – infectious; their ability to entertain and inspire – Rajaton! The voice is boundless.

Together we will work on some Finnish folk material.

Lone Larsen & VoNo

In the summer of 1999, Lone Larsen established the vocal ensemble, Voces Nordicae (VoNo). Alongside classical music, she has worked extensively with music from Afro-American traditions and takes great pleasure from a variety of different genres. Her interest in folk music is heavily present in VoNo’s artistic image. Lone herself has sung in a trio, the Babwäba-sisters and has been the artistic director for the jazz vocal group, Vocation.

Lone Larsen and members of her innovative ensemble VoNo will take you through their creative process of developing a song rooted in improvisation to help singers build an emotional intention to the music.

We will create something together!

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